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Will Rockanje Ever Be Monaco?

May 30, 2015

Today, May 30, 2015, and tomorrow we’re having our annual motor cycle races here in Rockanje. The community council must have thought that it would be easy to compete with Monaco. However, there are some minor differences. Rockanje is as rural as Monaco is sophisticated. Monaco organizes their Grand Prix in such a way that spectators don’t need to use public space as a public toilet, and Rockanje doesn’t give a shit about such trifling matters.

Parking your car (normally free) costs €3.50. Entrance to the spectators area (public road) costs €13.50 for both days. I can’t take my dog Boris to the woods and the sand dunes where I usually walk him. Access denied, unless I pay €13.50. Private enterprise has taken over rules and regulations for 48 hours.

Another road block near my house. I have experienced more freedom in East Berlin.

The private organizers of this yearly event try to make as much money as they can, so public toilet vehicles are out of the question. Instead, the inhabitants of this part of Rockanje are “compensated” for the noise and inconvenience with urine and feces from the spectators. This is next to my house. May it rain soon and plentiful.

Of course, it’s completely against all rules of pollution control to organize these “fun races”, not only because of the environmental pollution the motor cycles cause, but also because of the many cars and motor cycles from the spectators. (No, Rockanje doesn’t have a train station.)

As you can see on this map, there is no way I can walk to the woods and the sand dunes, one of the real attractions of this area.

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